With Ontrack, Administrators can:

Add an anonymous bully reporting form to the school website allowing victims to easliy report incidents that can be tracked and used to diminish all bullying.

Be instantly notified via email of teacher reports, parent/student input on incidents, and bully reports.

Easily create new incident reports wtih customizable drop-down menus and clone reports for other students.

Use the email blast system to communicate with any user group (faculty, staff, parents, students, and/or administration).

See daily detentions and suspensions with a single click.

Keep attendance records for detentions and suspensions.

Upload files for administration reports, teacher reports, student information, and staff information.

See the number of new teacher/bully reports right after logging in.

See overview graphs of monthly incidents, interventions and locations displayed on homepage.

Keep detailed student information records with photos and file uploads.

Quickly view all incident reports for an individual student.

Print pre-filled letters to parents and reports in a single click.

Email reports to parents, students, and faculty.

Graph incidents or interventions and cross-reference a variety of criteria

Track incidents using positive or negative merit values.

Manage user rights and privileges to control access to information as needed.

Customize drop-down menus and template information.

Use a one-click feature to download data to keep a back-up file.

Teachers and Staff can:

Quickly send reports to administration.

See when reports have been read.

See own reports and can view all teacher reports.

View graphs of trends of their own classroom reports.

Upload up to 4 files of supporting documentation.

Easily clone reports for other students.

Parents and students can:

Read public sections of reports they are involved in.

Add comments or personal reflections to their reports.

Print their reports.

Upcoming Features:

Mobile App that can directly upload photos taken with a phone camera.

Athletic module with health tracking, elgibility settings, statistical records, schedules, etc.

Counseling module with academic, goals, and behavioral tracking.

Health module for records and accident/incident tracking.

Teacher Observation module for evaluations and professional development.

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