About Us

School Empowerment is Our Business

Ontrack's technology staff consists of seasoned educational professionals who knew that there must be a better way to create a positive learning environment. They banned together, shared ideas, and grew a unique company with technology solutions in mind. There is no other educational technology company that does what we do. We are the leaders of the education industry and it shows in our product. The Ontrack Student Information System supplies a state of the art data management, tracking, and reporting tool that proves changes are occurring and shows areas that have room for improvement.

Data That Drives Decisions

Ontrack will meet or exceed all of your tracking and analysis needs. We have an experienced staff of educational experts ready to customize our cutting-edge and drill-down reporting features thus, ensuring that you see what is needed; when it is needed. Ontrack’s incident reporting system ties the entire school community together by utilizing intuitive and streamlined communication tools.

Evidence-Based Data

Ontrack Student Information System is a powerful tool that enables schools to make data-driven decisions. It also showcases visually appealing graphics for displaying changes that schools have made or may need to make in the future. The ability to have scientific data allows schools to properly align with the US Department of Education's school-wide PBIS requirements. The data capabilities may also assist schools in showing need for program or other school funding. Most schools may find that discipline is the area of focus that needs data tracking the most. Our Student Information System is more than just a discipline tracking tool because with full customization options, data may be gathered for any area of school focus.

To find out more about how this incredible system can improve and empower your school, try-out our 60-day free trial offer and get Ontrack this season!

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